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Need an IQ test? A test of memory or cognitive functioning? Personality test? 

I administer psychological testing for a variety of concerns including cognitive ability and patterns in personality. In addition to participating in testing, you will receive a comprehensive report including test results and interpretations. Your report comes with a free one-hour feedback session where I will explain the results and give you an opportunity to ask questions. 


Psychological testing is a very formal process. As such, it requires an amount of objectivity and should be administered to clients prior to receiving therapeutic services from me. I will also schedule psychological testing to individuals simply seeking assessment and interpretation of results (without therapy).


The fees for psychological testing vary depending on the battery of assessments being administered. All assessment fees include a psychosocial assessment, administration of psychological test(s), and time spent scoring, interpreting, and writing a comprehensive report. The feedback session is complimentary, but must be scheduled at the time the report is received.

Disclosure: I am not able to provide psychological testing for the following reasons due to licensure restraints per the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists: Child custody or adoption, competency or insanity, or fitness-for-duty for law enforcement. 

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