Where do I sit, can I cuss, what do I wear, and other very important questions!

Each therapy session is about YOU. I do my very best to make the therapy environment calm and relaxing. There is no dress code for therapy. I have clients who come straight from the gym, straight from work, or prior to going out for a night on the town. BE COMFY. BE YOURSELF!  


When you arrive for your appointment, text me upon your arrival so I know you are waiting. Feel free to grab a coffee or glass of ice water from the beverage counter and make yourself comfortable in the reception lounge. I will come get you from the lobby as soon as I finish with my previous client. 

Bring your beverage with you and take a seat anywhere you would like in my office! I have clients who sit on the couch, in the chair, and even some who prefer to pop a squat on the floor. Kick off your shoes and sprawl out on the couch. Grab a pillow for extra back support or squeeze it for emotional support. Curse like a sailor or speak as though you are having tea with your granny. 

The point is, this is YOUR session. It is very important that you BE YOURSELF and BE COMFY.