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I will begin our first session by going over your consent forms and intake questionnaire that you completed through the client portal. You will receive a link to the client portal following scheduling an appointment. All demographic information, consent and intake questionnaires must be completed the day prior to your first appointment or your appointment will be rescheduled. 


We will discuss the thoughts and concerns that brought you to therapy and set a couple of treatment goals. During each session that follows, I will listen attentively to your concerns and provide insight based on the themes and patterns I hear you express. Often times, people are unable to discern common patterns in their own thinking and behavior. That is where I come in. Your job will be to learn and practice new ways of thinking and behaving learned in our sessions. Therapy is not a cure for all that ails you. At times I may recommend you seek medication in adjunct to your therapy to assist in coping with symptoms.

How often you attend or how many sessions you will need depend on your needs; as you begin to make progress you may feel like you are able to handle your concerns on your own. That is absolutely wonderful and always my goal; to 'work myself out of a job'. This process, in a nutshell, is individual therapy. 

Your concerns are my concerns. 

Together, you got this!

Areas of speciality: Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Existential Crises, Self-Esteem,

Divorce & Relational Issues, Grief, Life Transitions, Career Stress/Changes

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