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The process of couples therapy can occur in several ways, dependent on the couple's preference. You may choose to attend all sessions together, you may attend sessions independently, or you may choose a combination of the two. I will guide you as a couple on how to voice your concerns in a calm, rational, and neutral manner. This will allow your partner to feel comfortable verbalizing their own concerns. Couples therapy is not a 'cure' for fixing a relationship. Rather it is a mediated process to allow each individual in the partnership space to voice their own concerns in a safe space. My job in this process is to ensure each person is heard and provide insight and guidance toward resolve of your concerns. 


I will begin our first session by going over your consent forms and intake questionnaire that you completed through the client portal. You will receive a link to the client portal following scheduling an appointment. All demographic information, consent and intake questionnaires must be completed the day prior to your first appointment or your appointment will be rescheduled.


We will discuss the thoughts and concerns that brought each of you to therapy and set a couple of treatment goals for your relationship. Together, we will work toward resolve of relational issues with a goal of making your relationship stronger. It is of importance to understand I will remain neutral and will not choose a 'side'. We will focus on changing your view of the relationship, modifying dysfunctional communication, behavior patterns, decreasing emotional avoidance, improving communication, and identifying strengths of both the individual and the relationship.

I also offer guidance in the dissolution of a relationship; meaning a couple has decided to dissolve a relationship. We will work together toward addressing the concerns involved in the dissolution the in a civilized and meaningful way. Making the decision to dissolve a relationship is difficult, especially if the relationship has lasted many years. The longer two lives are entwined, the more one partners identity is entwined with the other. Assisting each individual in restoring their personal identity is generally the goal for this type of therapy. I firmly believe that we begin intimate relationships with care and concern for our partner and there is opportunity to dissolve a relationship with care and concern for the other's well-being. Having an understanding of how two lives that were once seamlessly aligned could grow so far apart is immensely helpful in the recovery of each partner. 


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